Earlier this year The Royal Mint announced a 3-coin 50p series celebrating the discovery of dinosaurs, featuring the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus.

And in today’s video I unbox the UK’s FIRST Dinosaur 50p coins and reveal what you can find inside of this roarsome official Royal Mint presentation pack. 

If you’re a Dinosaur fan, this is definitely a video you can’t afford to miss… 

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Dinosaurs - Unboxing the UK's FIRST Dinosaur 50p coins

From Peter Pan to Rosalind Franklin and even Elton John, July was an incredibly busy month for collectors as it was bursting with new releases. Watch our latest video to see Adam’s countdown of the top releases of the month.

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Yesterday the Royal Mint released a brand new UK 50p celebrating the life and scientific work of Rosalind Franklin.

But who was Rosalind Franklin? And what was photograph 51?

Not to worry if you don’t know, as I have answered these questions and many, many more in my latest video.

You see, Rosalind Franklin really did lead a fascinating life, which sadly few people truly knew about until now…

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Rosalind Franklin 50p web images homepage1 1024x386 - Five facts you need to know about Rosalind Franklin