The Official UK King Charles III Coronation Coins Confirmed 

Last week, it was announced that King Charles III will celebrate his Coronation with a brand-new range of UK coins

And today, you have the chance to make sure you don’t miss out… 

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What we know so far about the UK Coronation Coins

The Royal Proclamation detailed a range of limited-edition coin specifications including a 50p and a £5 coin, a Sovereign, and an ounces range; the perfect way to honour this historic occasion. 

The launch date is yet to be confirmed, but considering that the first UK coronation in 70 years is now less than two months away, collectors are eagerly awaiting further news.

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We’re expecting huge demand for these coins. Especially when you hear about the designs… 

The designs

The Royal Proclamation has declared that the reverse of the new UK 50p will feature the Royal Cypher of King Charles III against the exterior of Westminster Abbey. 

image 954x1024 - The Official UK King Charles III Coronation Coins Confirmed 
The Royal Cypher of King Charles III
Credit: The Royal Family

Additionally, the reverse design of the £5 coin is set to feature St Edward’s Crown accompanied by text stating “THE CORONATION OF KING CHARLES III 6th MAY 2023”.  

image 1 871x1024 - The Official UK King Charles III Coronation Coins Confirmed 
St Edwards Crown
Credit: The Royal Family

The proclamation also confirmed that the Sovereign range will feature the classic St. George & the Dragon design. It’ll be the first King Charles III sovereign with this reverse, making it excellent to pair with the UK 2022 Memorial Sovereign. 

Unprecedented demand expected 

Demand for these coronation coins is sure to outweigh supply. 

We saw 24-hour sell-outs for the Queen’s UK Platinum Jubilee coin range, so it’s inevitable that demand for these coins will follow suit… 

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The story of the 1-a-minute Coronation sell-out

With a bank holiday weekend, star-studded concert, street parties across the nation and sell-out collectibles, the Coronation of King Charles III will be THE royal celebration of a lifetime. 

Coin collectors don’t need telling twice how important this event is. The first Coronation for 70 years is going to be massive.

And the evidence of this came just under a week ago.

100 “Mint Masters” Coronation Sets launched at 9am on Wednesday 22 February. Just before 10:40am we saw a complete sell out

1 set sold EVERY MINUTE until they were all allocated. 

Why did it sell out so quickly?

Approved by King Charles III, the sell-out Mint Masters Set features three Silver £5 coins, issued specially for the Coronation.  

Each coin depicts a key element of the Coronation. You have the King’s cypher, the Coronation Carriage and the Imperial State Crown. 

DN 2023 KCIII Coronation 5 5oz product images 6 - The story of the 1-a-minute Coronation sell-out
The SOLD OUT King Charles III Coronation Mint Masters Set

A Golden Celebration

Unusually, the Mint Masters Set is reverse-plated in 24 Carat Gold, meaning the coins are struck from Fine Silver but feature additional gold plating. 

The obverse designs have been left unplated, making the Coronation elements really stand out.

Mint Masters Obverses2 - The story of the 1-a-minute Coronation sell-out
Mint Masters Set Obverses

Design Royalty

Each coin in the Mint Masters Set features designs from one of the best in the business, a man synonymous with royalty on coinage

Timothy Noad has worked as a professional calligrapher, illuminator and heraldic artist for over thirty years, acquiring an international reputation for his elegant and meticulous work. 

A prolific designer of British coins and medals, Tim is the artist behind five One Pound coins and three Crowns commemorating royal occasions.  

In 2022, he achieved the unique distinction of having his designs chosen for three Gold Sovereigns, The Queen’s Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee Medals

TN designs - The story of the 1-a-minute Coronation sell-out
Timothy Noad’s Gold Sovereign Designs

For the Mint Masters Set, he’s designed the Coronation Carriage and Imperial State Crown. 

The end result is one of the best-looking sets you’ll see for the Coronation. Sure to be treasured pieces for the lucky 100 collectors that secured them before the quick sell-out. 

If you’re interested…

But there’s good news! If you’re quick, you can get your hands on the Fine Silver Coronation £5 Coin Set. Limited to 995, the coins in this set feature 24 Carat Gold plating on the reverse designs. 

Judging by the speed of the Mint Masters Set sell-out, these won’t be available for long so you’ll have to act fast.

Secure a set for your collection now >>

AT 2023 Coronation of KCIII Five Pound Images V2 5 - The story of the 1-a-minute Coronation sell-out

Approved by Buckingham Palace – The Official King Charles III Coronation Coins

A series of coronation coins have been approved by Buckingham Palace – featuring the official British Isles portrait of King Charles III.

Whilst we await for confirmation on a UK coronation coin, Buckingham Palace has approved a series of 50p coins celebrating His Majesty’s upcoming coronation in May.

However, one particular coin has been catching the attention of collectors…

The Dual-Plated King Charles III Coronation 50p

MicrosoftTeams image 15 - Approved by Buckingham Palace – The Official King Charles III Coronation Coins
King Charles III Coronation Coin – the Dual-Plated 50p

This 50p features the inscription ‘God Save the King‘ and is uniquely plated with a dual-plated finish of silver and 24 carat gold – not something we see very often.

This is the first coin in a brand new British Isles 50p series being issued over the coming months in the lead up to the coronation, all approved by the King himself.

You can add this coin to your collection today for our introductory offer of £4.99 (+p&p)a saving of £20by clicking here.

Meet the obverse designer – Glyn Davies

In anticipation of these coins being issued, we spoke with Glyn Davies – the artist behind the British Isles King Charles III coinage portrait.

Glyn 1024x576 - Approved by Buckingham Palace – The Official King Charles III Coronation Coins
Glyn Davies Interview – meet the artist behind King Charles’ British Isles coin portrait

He explained that the process of creating our monarch’s portrait took him nearly 6 months. It involved initial sketches, concept sketches, clay models, digital drawings, and even having Raphael Maklouf check over them.

Raphael Maklouf famously designed the United Kingdom’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II that appeared on our coinage between 1985 to 1997.

Grosbritannien  1986 XIII. Commonwealthspiele   Munzkabinett Berlin   5529719 1024x503 - Approved by Buckingham Palace – The Official King Charles III Coronation Coins
Raphael Maklouf’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the 1986 Commemorative £2. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Watch or read our full interview with Glyn Davies here >>

King Charles III’s Coronation – what we know so far

With King Charles III’s Coronation (code name Operation Golden Orb) is set for Saturday 6th May, 2023, plans are already in place.

  • During the ceremony, the King will be crowned alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort.
  • The King will be crowned with the solid gold 17th Century St Edward’s Crown.
  • There will be an extra bank holiday across the UK, on Monday 8th May.
  • It’s expected to be shorter and smaller in scale than Queen Elizabeth II’s 1953 coronation.
  • The King and Queen Consort will travel to Westminster Abbey in the King’s procession, and return to Buckingham Palace in a larger coronation procession, where they will be joined by other members of the Royal Family.
  • The ceremony is likely to be broadcast live.

Find out more here >>

Add the Dual-Plated Coronation to your collection!