Can you believe that this year marks the 50th anniversary since the very FIRST Moon Landing?

50 years since Neil Armstrong took the first ever steps on the Moon’s surface and spoke those famous words: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

To this day, it is not only considered as one of mankind’s greatest ever achievements but also one of the most important moments in history.

There have been a number of incredible coins released across the world to celebrate this 50th anniversary and unsurprisingly collector demand has been extremely high.

If you’re yet to secure the perfect piece to commemorate the occasion then I have some good news! As I’ve spent some time looking through the new releases and have handpicked my top 5 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary coins. Read on to find out why each of them would make a great addition to any collection…

The FIRST EVER British Isles Black Proof £5 Coin

LS Jersey 2019 Moon Landing Black Proof 5 Lifestyle 2 - The FIVE Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Coins every collector should know about…

Now what makes this coin particularly special, is the fact that it is the FIRST EVER Black Proof British Isles coin to be issued. This is an extremely rare finish to feature on any coins and it has as such proven a hit with collectors.

Adding to this is the selective colouring that has been used to highlight the design which contrasts magnificently against the black proof finish. Images really don’t do it justice! Only 995 coins have been issued worldwide, a significantly low amount given the occasion. Order yours today to avoid missing out >>

The Silver Proof £5 Coin with one of the most striking designs ever seen…

CL IOM 2019 50th Anniversary Moon Landings Silver Coin Facebook 2 1024x536 - The FIVE Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Coins every collector should know about…

This new Isle of Man Silver Proof £5 Coin has just been authorised for release by the Palace and features one of the most striking designs I’ve ever seen.

Struck to the official UK £5 Silver specification, the reverse features an Astronaut with a reflection of planet Earth in the visor which is brought to life in full colour detail. It is coin craftsmanship at its very best. Find out more about this official release here >>

Introducing the FIRST EVER Plateau Minted Coin

Moon Landing 50th Concave Silver Proof Coin Reverse2 - The FIVE Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Coins every collector should know about…

This is an opportunity to own a collecting first – the Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Plateau Minting Coin. If you’re wondering what plateau minting is, let me explain. Domed coins have been around for some time now, but never before has a Mint succeeded in successfully striking a plateau area on the peak of the dome. That is until now!

But that’s not all. As the coin has been struck with a variation of sophisticated techniques and finishes, in particular the skilful alignment of both Proof and Matt finishes. You really have to see this coin to fully appreciate it.  Take a more detailed look by clicking here >>

The ULTIMATE Space Collection – featuring EIGHT Moon Landing coins! 

World Space Collection of 8 coins lifestyle 2 - The FIVE Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Coins every collector should know about…

If one single coin is not enough, then I have the perfect solution for you. This is perhaps the ULTIMATE Space collection, featuring eight commemorative coins that have been issued from across the world.

It’s difficult to not be instantly impressed when you open the deluxe wooden presentation case. As you’ll find a mix of modern coins with special minting techniques, historic coins and even some intriguing designs like you’ve never seen before. This is certainly one not to miss, especially as it comes complete with an Apollo 11 commemorative plaque! Click here to find out more about this incredible collection >>

Chance to own the WORLD’S FIRST domed coin presented in a Silver Bar

Premium Curved Coin bar obverse in capsule 1024x907 - The FIVE Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Coins every collector should know about…

Much like Apollo 11, this new commemorative is a WORLD FIRST. As this is the first time a domed coin has been set into a solid 2oz Silver Bar – the combination of different minting techniques on display is out of this world.

Not only that, but the US Silver Proof Moon Landing Dollar featured in the Silver Bar is the second ever in the Mint’s history to be curved – one side is domed, the other concave. The first commemorative curved coins to be minted by the US completely sold out in less than two weeks – and all signs suggest this will prove just as popular.

There’s so much more to tell about this incredible piece so click here to find out all about it. But please note, we have just 50 available exclusively for our UK collectors so you’ll need to be quick if you’d like to secure one for your collection.

But that is by no means all. We have a whole range of incredible coins and commemoratives that have been issued to celebrate this important 50th anniversary. You can take a sneak peek at some of the pieces below or check out the full range by clicking here >>

This year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first ever British monarch to celebrate her 90th birthday. This significant moment in history will certainly be one to remember.

So I’ve compiled a list of my six favourite commemoratives for you to peruse. In my opinion any Royal collector would be lucky to have these in their collection, especially the 10 ounce gold coin!

1. The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Proof Coin
imagegen 2 - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th Birthday
This golden-coloured coin features a one-year only specially commissioned 90th birthday portrait, designed by Luigi Badia.

The coin proudly displays the royal cypher atop a large “90”. The central design is flanked by the Royal Standard and Union Flags on either side.

2. Guernsey 2016 Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday Silver £5 Proof Coin

imagegen 3 - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th BirthdayFeaturing an oak wreath and crown to symbolise long life and the House of Windsor, this Silver £5 coin also features the limited edition one-year-only portrait.

At the center is EIIR, encircled by the words Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the years 1926-2016.

3. Australia 90th Birthday 1oz Silver High Relief Coin

perth mint 1oz silver piedfort q90th - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th BirthdayIssued by the Perth Mint, this stunning silver coin has been struck with an incredible high relief finish. To achieve this, each coin must be repeatedly struck on specially prepared presses.

The reverse depicts St. Edwards crown surrounded by wattle branches – just 5,000 have been released worldwide.

4. The Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday Gold 10oz Coin

st queens 90th guernsey c2a350 10oz gold coin in box - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th BirthdayDue to the significance of this Royal event, a remarkable 10 ounce gold coin has been issued. That’s the same weight as 33 pound coins!

Featuring the special one-year-only portrait, this 90th Birthday Coin was incredibly popular – in fact, it sold out its entire edition limit in a matter of hours.

5. QEII 90th Birthday Silver Coin Cover

qeii 90th birthday silver coin pnc - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th BirthdayThis limited edition Silver Coin Cover features the six UK stamps which have been issued by Royal Mail to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday. All six evocative photographs feature on our stamps for the first time ever – including a rare picture of the young Princess with King George VI.

The new 2016 Silver Britannia coin is also encapsulated within the cover along with an official postmark by Royal Mail to mark the Queen’s birthday date – 21st April.

6. Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Photographic Coin

photographic medal - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th BirthdayThis is the first coin to be issued from The Queen’s 90th Birthday Coin Collection – a new series of photographic coins being issued over the coming months in celebration of the occasion.

The coin has been expertly plated in 24 carat gold and features a full-colour birthday portrait – taken by renowned royal photographer Lord Snowdon for her 80th birthday.

This is a record-breaking moment in British history which will be remembered forever. And the coins and stamps which have been issued to mark the occasion really capture the moment.  

Which of the six is your favourite commemorative? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re interested… queen elizabeth ii 90th birthday coin - SIX Remarkable Commemoratives that Celebrate Her Majesty's 90th Birthday

You can add the Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Proof Coin to your collection today

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One of the most fascinating things about coin collecting is of course the design on the coin – but what about the shape of the coin itself? As minting technology continues to advance, coins are being struck in all kinds of exciting and innovative shapes.

I’ve compiled a selection of coins which I consider to be 10 of the most collectable unusually shaped coins around

1. The FIRST rugby coin of its kind…st rugby 2015 coin gif - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

To mark the Rugby World Cup last year, France issued the first ever coin shaped like a rugby ball.

The concave coins proved to be extremely popular with collectors worldwide, with many keen to add a coin with such a unique pedigree to their collections.

2. A coin shaped like a country… 

map coin - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

The Perth Mint regularly issue map-shaped coins, taking advantage of their country’s unique and recognisable outline.

This series makes use of purpose-built tooling and die design to give the coin its distinctive shape.

The first coin in the series featured the Kookaburra, issued in 2012, since then there have been a variety of different animals to feature on the coin, with the most recent being the Redback Spider.

3. The ‘Imperial Egg’…

27154 imperial egg cloisonne easter 2015 diamond 3 - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...
This impressive looking coin boasts beautiful enamelled colour and a shimmering gemstone inlay.

The ‘Imperial Egg’ Coin is based on the work of Fabergé and proved to be very popular with collectors last year, especially during the Easter period.

4. You’ll be lucky to find one of these…

clover coin flat1 - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

You certainly won’t find this Four-Leaf Clover Coin in a field, no matter how hard you look! Legend has it that Eve took a four-leaf-clover from paradise as a memento for the wonderful time she had spent there – they’ve been considered lucky ever since.

Struck in gold to a proof finish, this cleverly produced coin could certainly be regarded as lucky by collectors who have one in their collection – as it is now highly sought-after.

5. The Earth-shattering coin… meteorite 1 - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

The extra-terrestrial chondrite that has been set into the centre of this coin was sourced from a meteorite that crash-landed in Morocco in 2005. The space rock shattered into several pieces when it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

The coin itself has been struck in a concave shape to represent the crater in which the piece of meteorite landed.

6. Is it a coin or is it a bar? It’s both…

tower bridge white bk - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

This rectangular silver coin-bar features one of the world’s most iconic landmarks – London’s Tower Bridge.

It’s not often that you see coins minted in this shape – the ‘bar’ format is usually reserved for bullion.

This stunning coin boasts intricately detailed engraving and tiny detail can be seen on the Tower Bridge to create windows, clock and brickwork.

7. The poppy-shaped remembrance coin…

poppy1 - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

This coin’s unique shape and rich red printing on the reverse takes inspiration from the poppy, which has become synonymous throughout the world as a symbol of remembrance and the charitable work of The Royal British Legion.

Issued to commemorate the end of the First World War and to Remember the Fallen, the Poppy Coin is a significant issue that is poignant to many.

8. The coin that sold out in two days…

untitled - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

This remarkable coin is shaped like the iconic Canadian maple leaf, and proved so popular that it sold out at the Royal Canadian Mint in just 2 days.

Canadian Maple Leaf coins are some of the world’s most recognised Silver coins. This issue takes the design to a whole new level, complete with a special wooden display case. A stunning display that would certainly stand out on any mantlepiece!

9. The coin that combines heaven and earth…chinese e1450794042244 - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

Issued in China since 221 BCE, the Chinese Lucky Cash Coin features a square hole at its centre to represent Earth, while the circle symbolises heaven. This combination of heaven and earth make the coin a symbol of harmony and prosperity.

Chinese fortune-tellers would use cash coins, a tortoise shell, and their skill at numerology to tell the future. Because of their association with mystical prediction, these coins from China are thought to bring good luck.

10. And last but not least…
russian dolls - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...The playful Russian ‘Matryoshka Dolls’ first appeared in the late 19th century, now they’ve been immortalised on a silver coin.

This oval issue is displayed within special bespoke packaging which consists of two traditional wooden nesting dolls placed one inside the other – the coin and packaging are both something that I’ve never come across before!

Are you lucky enough to have any in your collection or have you perhaps seen any that you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Want to own an unusual coin?clover coin flat1 - Discover the world’s 10 most oddly shaped coins...

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