Another month has been and gone, and whilst the majority of the country might’ve been isolating at home for most of May, the coin world didn’t stop when it came to delivering great new releases for collectors.

From The Battle of Britain to VE Day and even Florence Nightingale, May was jam-packed with exciting new coins for collectors.

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*** BRAND NEW Battle of Britain coins – on sale now ***

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Fought over British skies during 1940, the battle was a turning point in WWII and ultimately saved Britain from German invasion.

In 1940, a terrifying dark shadow descended over Europe. The relentless advance of Hitler forces overwhelmed everything in their path and the world suddenly became very dark. Following the evacuation of French and British soldiers from Dunkirk and the subsequent French surrender on 22nd June 1940, Hitler believed that WWII was practically over and that Britain would quickly come to terms. However, even with a seemingly unstoppable enemy on the doorstep, Winston Churchill stepped up to become Britain’s wartime leader and refused to surrender.

On 10th July 1940 a battle was fought – and won – by a courageous few; arguably one of the crucial turning points that led to British Victory in WWII.

The Battle of Britain remains one of the truly great chapters in our history, and to mark 80 years since that momentous battle, a brand new range of commemoratives have been issued. Whether you’re looking for the new centrepiece for your collection, you’re an avid collector, a Military enthusiast or you’re looking for the perfect tribute, there’s bound to be something within the range for you.

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JUST 150 collectors can own this BRAND NEW Battle of Britain Silver 5oz Coin

LS Jersey BOB 80th anniversary £10 5oz Silver Proof with Gold Lifestyle - First Look: New coins issued to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain…
NEW Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Silver 5oz is strictly limited to JUST 150 collectors worldwide.

Struck in five ounces of 925/1000 solid silver, this coin barely fits in the palm of your hand. Not only is the size and weight impressive – but so is its engraving.

Approved by Her Majesty the Queen, the reverse design has been created by renowned sculptor Mike Guilfoyle and takes inspiration from an old war-time poster synonymous with the Battle of Britain. The design features three pilots in front of an aircraft with the text ‘The Battle of Britain 1940-2020’ to honour the heroic efforts of the RAF in changing the course of WWII and leading us to victory.

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Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Gold Proof Sovereign15 times RARER than the UK’s recent Gold Proof Sovereign!

BoB Sov 22ct SINGLE Lifestyle 2 - First Look: New coins issued to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain…
Extremely limited Gold Proof Battle of Britain Sovereign is the most important gold coin you can find right now.

Over the years, the popularity of various coins have come and gone. But none have stayed as unrivalled as the Gold Sovereign. Quite simply, the Sovereign is without a doubt the world’s premier Gold Coin. Struck from 22 Carat Gold to the exact same specification since 1817, it epitomises all that is British.

Issued in recognition of the historic Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary, this extremely limited Isle of Man Gold Proof Sovereign is limited to just 495 pieces. This is more than 15 times RARER than the UK’s recent Gold Proof Sovereign. 495 coins is a tiny edition limit for a gold Sovereign-specification coin such as this.

This brand new British Isles Sovereign is the most important gold coin you can find right now. Click here to secure one for yourself >>

JUST 495 Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Gold Proof Pennies Authorised

Jersey BoB Penny Gold Proof Coin Lifestyle 1 - First Look: New coins issued to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain…
A special strike of just 495 Gold Proof Pennies have been authorised.

To mark such a historic anniversary, a special strike of 495 Solid Gold Pennies have been authorised. The release of a Gold Penny is an extremely rare event and one that collectors will look out for, especially as they are only issued to mark the most important anniversaries and are always severely limited. In fact, this is the most limited issue for some time.

The exquisite design features three Spitfire silhouettes engraved on to the coin to signify the bravery of all the RAF pilots who defended our skies In the summer of 1940. It has been struck in Solid Gold to the standard United Kingdom Penny diameter and finished in the collectors preferred finish, Proof.

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The Limited Edition Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Spitfire Silver Proof £5

BoB SILVER with Colour Lifestyle 1 - First Look: New coins issued to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain…
Limited Edition Silver £5 honours the men who defended Britain.

The £5 coin is the single most prestigious coin issued across the British Isles, reserved for the most important commemorations of the year. The Battle of Britain anniversary is certainly no exception deserving of only the very finest commemorative £5 coin.

The design features the legendary Spitfire with a Union Jack trailing from behind. Also, a notable inclusion to the edge of the design is an excerpt from Winston Churchill’s famous speech ‘So Much, So Many, So Few’, his moving tribute to the brave pilots of the RAF.

The background fittingly displays a ‘V for Victory’ design which has been finished with the unique addition of Spitfire silhouettes.

Only 2,020 coins have been issued worldwide. This unprecedented decision comes as a surprise, especially when you consider the historical significance of this anniversary.

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Officially Licensed RAF Spitfire Gold-plated Coin

LS 2020 RAF 1939 1945 Spitfire round 50p Gold with colour lifestyle 4 - First Look: New coins issued to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain…
Officially licensed and produced under the expert guidance of the RAF.

This Official RAF Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Gold-Plated Coin comes highly recommended. Not only is it extremely desirable in its own right, it is a fantastic tribute to the skilled pilots both past and present who have had the honour flying in the RAF. It features a dramatic colour recreation of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire by renowned Airfix artist Adam Tooby.

Featuring 24 carat gold-plating and struck to a flawless Proof finish, this is the perfect Battle of Britian 80th Anniversary commemorative.

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Please note, extremely high demand is expected for these brand new Battle of Britain Commemorative coins. It is highly advised that you act quickly to secure your favourite pieces from the collection to avoid disappointment.

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As you’re reading this, I hope you are safe and well. As far as I can see, we’re all adapting magnificently to the challenges the current coronavirus pandemic has brought – though between you and me, I’m losing count of the number of Zoom pub quizzes I’ve done!

The need to adapt has hit Mints around the world too. But it’s not all bad news, as to my delight – and I’m sure many collectors will share in this – an unexpected modern rarity has emerged.

You see, the Silver Eagle is the flagship bullion coin of the US, and is widely collected. But now, thanks to the outbreak, it is about to become THE most in-demand coin in the WORLD

2020(P) Emergency Silver Eagle

US Emergency coin web images Obverse reverse - An unexpected modern rarity: how Covid-19 created one of the rarest US Silver Dollars

Bullion Silver Eagles, which have no mintmark, are normally struck at the US Mint’s West Point Mint in New York. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the West Point Mint was temporarily shut down, meaning no Silver Eagles could be produced.

Yet demand for Silver Eagle bullion coins exploded as collectors flocked to secure bullion coins, seen as a safe investment haven amidst the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

In an unusual move, and to allay the demand, production of the Silver Eagles was picked up by the Philadelphia Mint. The result being a limited batch of Silver Eagles struck in under two weeks.

AT Battle of Britain Multi Product Banners Blog Ad 1024x247 - An unexpected modern rarity: how Covid-19 created one of the rarest US Silver Dollars

Second RAREST Silver Eagle in US history

US Emergency coin web images capsule 1 - An unexpected modern rarity: how Covid-19 created one of the rarest US Silver Dollars

According to official US Mint documentation dated April 27, 2020, the limited run at the Philadelphia Mint produced JUST 240,000 Silver Eagles.

This may seem like a lot of coins, but let me put that into perspective for you. Millions of bullion Silver Eagles are struck every year – last year over 15 million were minted! In comparison the 2020(P) Emergency Silver Eagle is incredibly scarce.

In fact, it is the second RAREST Silver Eagle coin to ever exist in the 34-year history of the bullion American Silver Eagle series. It is only the 2015(P) issue that is rarer, with a mintage of 79,640. 

This makes the 2020(P) Emergency Silver Eagles one of the most limited coins in US history, and instantly catapults it to the top of the must-have list for all collectors…

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Through my contacts in America, I’m lucky to have been able to bring some of these fascinating coins to the UK. Each one is encapsulated, boxed and certified by the American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS).

But considering how rare this issue is, I don’t expect the limited number I’ve secured to last long. Nor do I expect to be able to secure more – I’m certain the entire edition limit will be snapped up in the US before we know it.

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US Emergency coin web box - An unexpected modern rarity: how Covid-19 created one of the rarest US Silver Dollars