Innovation is nothing new to The Royal Canadian Mint. Whether it be a shape, size or never before-seen technology, the Mint are always looking for ways to push the limits on what can be achieved next in the minting world.

And, over the last few years, the results have been some of the world’s most stunning, technologically advanced coins, with sell-outs almost guaranteed.

So, you can imagine the excitement of collectors from all over the world when the latest interactive coin from Royal Canadian Mint was released earlier this month…

The Hummingbird and Bloom 5oz Pure Silver Coin

This stunning BRAND NEW release features something that has been highly revered by collectors since it was first seen back in 2018…

But when is a coin not just coin? When it’s also an interactive Bloom with a moving Hummingbird – miniaturised of course!

The cutting edge gyroscopic technology used to bring this coin to life truly is outstanding as it has allowed the coin to become interactive. Whilst the coin is encapsulated inside its protective case, the Hummingbird elegantly hovers around a gorgeous Zinnia Bloom, much like it does in the wild.

Unfortunately, images can only go some way towards showing the glory of this coin, so I ask you, in fact I implore you, to please take some time to look at the below video to truly appreciate its beauty:

It is so visually impressive that words will never be able to do it justice. Nothing can compare to holding the coin struck from a full 5oz of Fine Silver in your hand and feeling the groundbreaking gyroscopic technology elegantly move a 24ct Gold-plated Hummingbird around a Rose-gold Zinnia.

It is this bloom that is even more impressive than the Royal Canadian Mints predecessors – utilizing 24ct Rose-Gold to show off the Zinnia’s tear-drop petals and contrast the Proof Silver base that features even more blooms.

In 2018, the first coin to use this technology was released, and to say it was popular would be an understatement. Featuring a Bumblebee [Link to Bumble Bee blog ‘Coin of 2018’] hovering around a flower, it was voted Collector’s Gallery favourite coin of 2018. The coin was a world FIRST and completely SOLD-OUT within a matter of weeks at the Mint. And the same can be said for the second coin in the series, the Christmas Tree and Train,[Link to blog]  which featured a classic train running the circumference of a Christmas Tree but completely SOLD-OUT before the official release date..

Not only are these sell-outs attributed to the quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness of these coins, but also to the extremely low edition limits. The BRAND NEW Hummingbird and Bloom interactive coins are strictly limited to just 1,250 collectors worldwide. When you consider the sell-out successes of the previous coins and the collectors who will want to be at the forefront in owning this enchanting new coin, demand has already proven to exceed availability.

This Brand New Hummingbird and Bloom Silver 5oz Coin magnificently merges art and technology; engraving and casting; silver and gold. You really do need to see it first hand to fully appreciate all the stand-out features. It’s an outstanding work of art that is visually spectacular, words will never be able to do it justice.

It is safe to say, we don’t expect these coins to be around for much longer. The coins completely SOLD OUT at the mint within hours of release and we have JUST 5 coins remaining.

ls hummingbird and bloom coin lifestyle 2 - A complete SELL-OUT within hours! Introducing the latest innovative coin from the Royal Canadian Mint…

If you’re interested…

If you wish to secure The Hummingbird and Bloom Interactive Silver Proof 5oz coin, please click here >>

Email Banner - Ground-breaking NEW minting technology makes the impossible possible…

Back in January, I attended the largest coin show in the world – the World Money Fair. Thousands of collectors and hundreds of dealers and Mints from all over the world attend the annual fair to showcase their new releases and the very latest in minting technology.

I’m always looking for new and unusual coins to offer collectors, whether that be a shape, size or technologically advanced coins that push the limits on what can be achieved in the minting world.

So, ever since I arrived back in the UK, there’s been some incredibly exciting coin news I’ve been wanting to share with you.

But before you read anything else, you need to know that the majority of the range completely SOLD OUT before going on general release so you get the enormity of how big a deal this is!

Majestic Eagle s2 - Ground-breaking NEW minting technology makes the impossible possible…
The majority of the range SOLD OUT before going on general release

Introducing Smartminting 2.0

Most collectors are already familiar with Smartminting technology. Only achieved by a small number of mints across the world, the exact techniques used in Smartminting are a fiercely guarded secret, but essentially the state of the art technology allows unprecedented levels of intricate detail and extraordinary high relief while only very slightly increasing the weight.

So what more could Smartminting 2.0 possibly offer I hear you ask?

This new technology (or ‘Smartminting Reloaded’ as it’s been coined in the collecting world) breaks many barriers that were previously considered impossible… Until now.

Take a look at the images I’ve included below, and you’ll see BOTH sides of the coin can now be struck to an incredible high relief proof finish. But that’s not all, the relief levels are 100% higher than what was previously possible!

2020 Majestic Copper Eagle Smartminting 2.0 lifestyle 1 - Ground-breaking NEW minting technology makes the impossible possible…
Both sides have been struck to an incredible high relief proof finish.

And if that’s not enough, for the FIRST TIME EVER, Smartminting technology has been applied to a coin made from copper.

You’ll notice the incredible relief of the Eagle’s claws which make it look like they’re literally ripping through the metal and right through the other side of the coin!

Featuring ‘Incuse’ Striking

It also features ‘incuse’ striking. An incuse strike is a relatively new minting process that allows a design to be struck into a coin creating a ‘sunken’ design, as opposed to the standard raised relief. Few mints in the world have attempted Incuse striking as the unique and unusual format makes them more challenging to strike and, therefore highly unusual to come by.

2020 Majestic Copper Eagle Smartminting 2.0 lifestyle 2 - Ground-breaking NEW minting technology makes the impossible possible…
The new technology has been coined ‘Smartminting Reloaded’ in the coin world.

The ‘Incuse’ strike is visible where the depth of the claw marks are left in the surface of the coin.

Also notice how the high relief of the Eagle’s head extends to the edges of the coin instead of just the centre, leveraging the whole surface area of the coin.

29214 Majestic Eagle Copper 50g ro Copy - Ground-breaking NEW minting technology makes the impossible possible…
An incuse strike is a relatively new minting process that allows a design to be struck into a coin.

This ground-breaking technology has been deployed on a range of Majestic Eagle coins. The design featured was chosen to symbolise strength, leadership and vision and I’m sure you’ll agree it beautifully showcases just what the new Smartminting enhancements are.

However, to fully appreciate this coin, I ask, that you to watch this video. This coin really is an outstanding work of art and this video is the only way to fully appreciate this coin without physically holding it.

If you’re interested…

The Majestic Copper Eagle is strictly limited to JUST 5,000 collectors worldwide and I am delighted to have been able to get hold of an allocation to offer collectors. But they’ve been selling extremely quickly, so you’ll need to pre-order one now to ensure you can add one to your collection. Priced at JUST £55 (+p&p), click here to secure the Majestic Copper Eagle for your collection NOW >>

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Fabergé Eggs are some of the most valuable pieces of art on the planet, renowned for their lavish artistry, extraordinary detail and immense value. Nowadays, intact Fabergé Eggs are thought to value up to $33 million and are usually kept away under lock and key in museums, art galleries and billionaires personal collections – although some have vanished without a trace…

A bit of history…

It was in 1855 that the first Fabergé Egg was created, commissioned by Tsar Alexander III for his wife as an Easter gift. She was so thrilled with the gift that it then became a tradition that the eggs would carry on being made, two each year, as gifts for wives and mothers of aristocracy.

A little different than our (now) traditional chocolate Easter Egg!

1 and 2 1 - An ‘egg’cellent piece of craftsmanship from The House of Fabergé …

It is thought that around 69 eggs were created from 1885 to 1917, each carefully curated by Peter Fabergé and an expert group of craftsman that used only the finest precious metals and gemstones found around the world.

What’s more, each of the eggs were rumoured to contain a unique surprise – like the ruby pendant found in Empress Maria’s first egg.

The greatest Easter Egg hunt of all time…

The fatal fall of the Romanov dynasty during the Russian revolution meant that the inaugural Fabergé Egg collection – that had been mounting over the years – was stolen and scattered throughout the world.

As the revolutionaries topped the monarchy, it is thought that some of the eggs were destroyed and others taken to sell in markets. For the last 100 years, eager arts dealers have hunted them out and with little success. One egg in particular – Nécessaire Egg – was sold to a mystery buyer in 1889 and has never been seen since!

3 WITH CREDIT 1 - An ‘egg’cellent piece of craftsmanship from The House of Fabergé …

The hunt for Fabergé Eggs has become one of the most notorious Easter Egg hunts ever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved…

Your unique way to own one…

Whilst most people will never be able to own an original Fabergé Egg, the multi-award winning designers at CIT have enabled everyone to own their own piece of Fabergé, in honour of the 100th Anniversary since Peter Faberge’s death.

Before anything else though, you should know that this coin has proven so popular that it’s already SOLD OUT at the mint! This coin truly is a piece of excellence and pushes the limits on what can be achieved through modern day minting techniques.

2oz Silver Apple Blossom Fabergé Egg Coin


4 - An ‘egg’cellent piece of craftsmanship from The House of Fabergé …

The stunning 2oz Silver Coin features the Apple-Blossom Egg – one of the largest eggs ever created by The House of Fabergé and the only one to lie on its side. The egg now takes pride of place in Lichtenstein Museum and is made of Jade, Gold and Diamonds.

It is fair to say the advanced minting techniques this coin has gone through does not disappoint. Leading colourisation techniques and selective gilding have captured the essence of the Apple Blossom Egg, perfectly replicating the intense jade colour and precious gemstone detailing. 

But that’s not all, the coin has also undergone an advance form of Smartminting to create high-relief.  While conventional minting procedures require more raw material to increase the relief, Smartminting coins attain their impressive relief without the need for more material – suitably encapsulating the elegant nature of the coins inspiration.

This coin is truly worthy of this cultural icon.

Given the unique nature of this coin, the rarity of its edition matches that of the real Fabergé Egg itself. Only 888 will be produced for collectors worldwide, of which the FULL edition limit is already allocated!

In fact, even as an official distributor it was a challenge to get just a small allocation of these coins for UK collectors. Unfortunately, Collectors Gallery were only able to exclusively acquire 15 of these gorgeous coins for collectors and they’ve now SOLD OUT.

If you’re interested

Click here to add the The 2oz Silver Faberge Egg Coin to your collection >>

Rev Lifestyle 1 - An ‘egg’cellent piece of craftsmanship from The House of Fabergé …