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The Great Escape from East Berlin

Imagine scaling an electricity pole in the dead of night, a bitterly cold wind rushing past your ears, and tiptoeing along a power cable through the skies of Berlin. This is exactly where trapeze artist Horst Klein found himself after being banned from performing in East Berlin for his anti-communist beliefs.

He eventually fell to the ground after becoming fatigued, but fortunately landed in West Berlin. Despite two broken arms he was finally free from the communist holds of the East. But he wasn’t the only one to risk his life.

30 years ago, on 9th November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and the people of Berlin were liberated after being separated for almost three decades. But during the years that the Berlin Wall stood, hundreds of people followed Klein’s example, with each one having to find their own creative way to defect to the West.

West and East Germans at the Brandenburg Gate in 1989 - The Great Escape from East Berlin
West and East Germans climb on top of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate in 1989

A homemade hot air balloon

Two friends who worked as mechanics used their skills to build a hot air balloon. They had a little help from their wives too, who stitched together bed sheets to make the actual balloon. In September 1979 the couples and their children climbed into the balloon and floated through the skies over the wall into the freedom of the West.

The last train to freedom

In 1961 not long after the wall was erected, Harry Deterling found himself driving a train down a disused railway track. As a railway engineer he knew this track led to gap where the Berlin Wall had not yet been completed. After piling his friends and family on board, Deterling drove the train at high speed through the gap in the barrier and into West Berlin. The gap was sealed by East German guards the next day, giving the train its nickname “the last train to freedom”.

East German Guard   Flickr   The Central Intelligence Agency cropped 1024x667 - The Great Escape from East Berlin
Conrad Schumann, the first person ever to cross the Berlin Wall, leaping over the barbed wire that formed the initial barricade.  

In a stolen tank

An East German soldier stole a tank in 1963 and drove it straight into the wall in the hope that it would break through. The force wasn’t enough to destroy the wall so instead the soldier was forced to climb out on top of the tank and up onto the wall. Under gunfire from the East German border guards he got stuck in barbed wire, and shot twice. Fortunately West Germans came to his aid and rescued him.

In a convertible with no windshield

Checkpoint Charlie, was the scene of a successful, and bold, escape by Heinz Meixner. He rented a red Austin-Healy Sprite, chosen because the car itself only measured 90cm high. This was vital for Mexiner’s plan. He removed the windshield and let out a little air from the tires to lower the car even more, drove to Checkpoint Charlie (with his girlfriend and mother in law hidden in the back) and drove straight under the barrier into the West.

On an air mattress

One man who was so familiar with the banks of the River Elbe, which ran through Berlin, used an air mattress as a makeshift raft. Under the cover of darkness and with a trusted friend, the pair navigated a metal fence and the muddy riverbank. They climbed on board the mattress and silently paddled along the river into West Germany.

Chipping off a piece of the Berlin Wall 1024x699 - The Great Escape from East Berlin
A ‘wall woodpecker’ chips away at a section of the Berlin Wall.

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. On the night the wall came down celebrations continued throughout the city into the early hours of the morning as friends and families reunited. Today, little remains of the wall as it was almost entirely destroyed, but the legacy of that night and the wall lives on.

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Titans of British culture – Queen and Bond – to feature on UK coins!

Royal Proclamations issued on 8th November 2019 confirm that two icons of British culture will be honoured next year on UK coins – rock legends of the stage, Queen, and spy of the silver screen, James Bond.  

It is unknown yet exactly when we will be able to snap up these new issues, but we do know the coins will be 2020 dated so we will be on the lookout from the New Year…

“I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend” – Freddie Mercury

And legends they did become. It’s safe to say renowned rock band Queen have been inspiring millions across the globe since they exploded on to the British music scene in 1970 – you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognise the opening rift of Another One Bites the Dust.

Known for hits such as We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody and Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen’s pioneering, creative and alternative approaches to music making proved to the world that music has no bounds. 

Their status as icons in the British music industry was sealed in 1990 when they received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. Following this they were then inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and in 2018 were presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

2020 Queen 5 Pound Coin 650x650 1 - Titans of British culture – Queen and Bond – to feature on UK coins!

And now, their lasting legacy is going to be captured on a commemorative UK coin – the first band to ever feature on a UK coin!

The Royal Proclamation confirms there will be various specifications available, including a £5 base metal coin and a variety of precious metal versions. All coins will bear a design depicting a keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription “QUEEN”. What’s more, a special two pound denomination silver coin will feature the edge inscription “MERCURY · MAY · TAYLOR · DEACON ·”

Bond, James Bond

Created by Ian Fleming in 1953, James Bond – or better known by his MI6 codename 007 – will be returning in the hotly-anticipated 25th Bond film that was revealed recently to be called No Time To Die.

The Bond franchise is the longest running film series of all time, grossing nearly $7 billion to date for its production company, Eon. Overall it has grown to become the fourth-highest-grossing film series ever, and has amassed five Academy Awards along the way too.

bond 10p - Titans of British culture – Queen and Bond – to feature on UK coins!
007 previously featured on a 2018 10p as part of The A-Z of Great Britain 10p Coins

The secret agent has been portrayed by seven actors, and is perhaps best known for his suave manner, his penchant for martinis (shaken, not stirred) and the gadgets and cars supplied by Q branch.

Speaking of cars, the Royal Proclamation confirms the design of the Bond coin will feature the 007 logo and a depiction of his car – fingers crossed for a classic Aston Martin!

It also looks like this commemorative Bond coin will be issued in a variety of precious metal specifications. The smallest denomination will be a ten pound silver coin, with an impressive diameter of 65mm to truly appreciate what is sure to be a spectacular design.  

Register your interest

Both Queen and Bond have an unrivalled cult following with leagues of fans worldwide. So, I expect these new commemorative issues to be amongst the most anticipated new issues in 2020, and as such will be in high demand! 

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‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…

DN Collectors Gallery 2019 Halloween homepage banner 2 1024x386 - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…

Do you have your fancy dress ideas up to scratch? Well, it’s coming up to the spookiest time of the year, so it’s time to dust off your witches’ hat, carve your pumpkins, put in your vampire teeth and buy copious amounts of sweets for a fang’tastic Halloween!

Here at Collector’s Gallery we love Halloween, mainly because it gives us the opportunity to reflect upon some of our most intriguingly spooky coins, produced with some of the most remarkably unique minting techniques.

From Frankenstein’s Monster, to the Symbol of Death, we take a look at some of the most spook-tacular coins that are sure to put the ‘treat’ in ‘trick or treat’ this Halloween…

Relive the moment Frankenstein’s Monster came to life…

Frankenstein UV Coin AT Amends Group 1 2 Copy - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…
Using a specialist UV light you can bring Frankenstein’s Monster to life with a flash of electricity

Now, let me be Frank with you – Frankenstein’s Monster turned 200 last year and as a result this 1oz Silver Coin saw unprecedented demand.

This antique finish, Pure silver coin is impressive in its own right, but with highly specialist numismatic printing techniques it goes a step further…

When put under a UV light (which comes included in your luxury presentation case), pulsing electricity is revealed so you are able to relive the moment that Frankenstein’s monster came to life!

Struck with extra high relief, collector interest in this coin has been monstrous, so make sure you don’t miss out by clicking here >>

A real life fear…trapped!

Trapped Lifestyle  - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…
Smartminting technology helped CIT multi-award winning designers come up with this ‘trapped’ concept…

Cleithrophobia is the fear of being trapped and this coin highlights that fear in a chilling way with the use of an incredibly complex manufacturing process called Smartminting© – which create beautiful pieces of coinage with a very special high quality Antique Finish.

This brand new coin concept originates from one of the CIT’s multiple award winning designers. The oppressive image of a trapped person is skillfully implemented on this fine, 1oz pure silver coin creating the appearance of a person screaming through a stretched fabric sheet.Spook-tacular I’m sure you will agree! Click here to trap yours >>>

‘Luna de Sangre’ Swarovski® Crystal Skull

You won’t have a ‘bone’ to pick with this ‘Swarovski ® Crystal Skull’ Coin.

LS R of Guinea Skul 1000 Francos 1 1 - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…

After a worldwide sellout of the 2018 ‘Vanity’ Crystal Skull, the latest coin in the series for 2019 is expected to be no different. Struck in .999 Pure Silver, this coin features an electric blue skull shaped Swarovski ® Crystal against a flawless black-proof red blood moon finish.

The perfect addition to any creepy collection – bone appetite!

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The Beautifully Evil Pandora’s Box…

PB Pandora Lifestyle - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…
Only 666 of these coins were minted – the number of the beast and common symbol of the devil.

This magnificently tragic 3oz pure silver coin features unbelievable high relief due to the fact it is minted and not cast. This means all the curses of the world, including demons and mythological creatures are made that more terrifying as they supposedly escape from the box’s vortex.

This coin has had a spellbinding reception from collectors and we have an extremely limited quantity of stock remaining. Click here to secure the Beautifully Evil Pandora’s Box coin for your collection >>

The Symbol of Death

AT Silver Deaths Head Hawkmoth Coin Lifestyle 1 1 - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…
A lapping minting technique has been used for the first time EVER on the Death’s Head Hawkmoth Black Proof Silver 2oz Coin.

It doesn’t get much more frightening that the Death’s Head Hawkmoth, with graceful wings signifying the fragility of life and the skull branding on its back as a stark reminder of looming death…

Featuring the very latest in minting techniques, this coins unique shape and shadowy black proof finish gives it yet another haunting element.

However, by far the most impressive part of this coin is the brand new ‘lapping’ technique which has been used for the first time EVER to create a bright, reflective surface which contrasts against the black proof finish.

If you’re interested…

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DN Collectors Gallery 2019 Halloween homepage banner 1024x386 - ‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween? An exclusive look into some of the world’s scariest coins…