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Britain’s top 5 most infamous coins revealed!

Did you know that a coin could get you the sack or even killed?

Every coin tells a story and some are simply notorious.

From the Hangman’s wages to the Barmaid’s ruin, British coins have had their fair share of controversy over the years.

So, prepare to be both educated and shocked as Adam counts down the UK’s most infamous coins in our latest vlog.

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st britains most infamous coins set web images - Britain's top 5 most infamous coins revealed!

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Is your £5 note worth £50,000?

Did you know that there are ten £5 notes which are each worth £50,000?

Well, the key to working out if you have one in your change involves Jane Austen, Harry Kane and micro-engraver artist Graham Short.

… just watching this video could make you £50,000 richer!

Have you found one of the £5 notes, or do you know someone who has? Let us know in the comments below!

What do YOU think about the new Paddington 50p?

Following the release of the brand new Paddington at the Tower of London Silver Proof 50p, we wanted to know what the public thought!

So, we went out and asked for your opinions on the release of this eagerly awaited 50p… you won’t believe some of the responses!

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CL paddington homepage banner AT Amends 1 1024x386 - What do YOU think about the new Paddington 50p?