Boy or girl? Coin or no coin?

m832 the royal wedding uk gold proof coin - Boy or girl? Coin or no coin?

The Royal Mint issued a UK commemorative coin for the Royal Wedding but will they do the same for a royal baby?

This week’s royal baby news has sparked great excitement as the perfect finale to an incredible year. But should the third in line to the British throne have a UK coin issued in his or her honour?

From jubilees and coronations to landmark birthdays and wedding anniversaries, The Royal Mint has a marked the most important moments in the history of our Royal Family with new UK coins.  Well most of the time that is …

Never before has a UK coin been issued to celebrate a royal birth.  But should the Royal Mint change tradition next summer?  Tell us what you think.

Celebrate the royal baby news with a selection of Royal Baby Commemoratives

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2 Responses to Boy or girl? Coin or no coin?

  1. Personally I think a 1oz solid silver coin and/or incorporate it into a commemorative cover (FDC)

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